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UCOOK and Silvertree Internet Holdings team up to bring gourmet home cooking to the African continent

11 November 2016

To make cooking accessible and fun for all inspired home cooks across Africa, Cape Town e-food delivery service UCOOK has recently partnered with Africa’s leading internet platform, Silvertree Internet Holdings. The investment by Silvertree in UCOOK will aid in infrastructural development to meet expansion needs quickly and effectively.

With customer base growth at 800% over the past six months, UCOOK is now set to expand the business beyond South Africa’s borders thanks to the partnership with Silvertree. “We are ready to reinvigorate dinner tables across the continent with fresh new recipes and great ingredients that will keep people cooking,” said UCOOK Co-Founder, David Torr.

“UCOOK operates in a fast-growing market and we look forward to capitalising on this growth with an unbeatable value offering,” said Silvertree’s Peter Allerstorfer.

Companies like UCOOK have managed to make sure that time or taste is not forgone. Providing gourmet ingredients that are of restaurant quality along with step by step meal preparation instructions from renowned chefs, UCOOK eliminates the frantic need for recipe hunting and grocery shopping.

So, how does it work? Customers simply visit the website, select from the number of delicious meals featured weekly, choose their portion size and look forward to their home delivery, leaving them to enjoy the hassle-free preparation and consumption.

UCOOK plans to adopt a David and Goliath type strategy with regards to African expansion. “We believe that everybody should have access to the best ingredients and be able to cook fresh, nutritious food affordably,” said UCOOK Co-Founder David Torr.


About Silvertree

Silvertree Internet Holdings is an operating and holding company for early and mid-stage tech businesses targeting African consumers. Silvertree incubates and invests into ventures, and focuses on execution of simple, proven business models. Based in Cape Town, the Silvertree portfolio includes e-commerce businesses like Pet Heaven, Faithful to Nature, Cybercellar and CarZar, comparison sites Pricecheck and CompareGuru, performance marketing agency Sprout, recruitment agency Human Value and others.


UCOOK is a company providing home delivered food. Joining a rapidly-growing international industry, UCOOK sources only the best in local, organic and fresh ingredients, packaged with attractive and easy-to-follow recipes from industry-leading chefs, to make everyone a gourmet chef in their own home.

South Africans, thanks to a steady diet of TV cooking shows and nutritional news, care increasingly about what they eat, and are unwilling to live on takeout and heat-and-eat meals. But many feel too harried to hunt down new recipes and make dinner from scratch. UCOOK is the perfect solution to this dinnertime dilemma. So here’s to the best in fresh, and to cooking made easy!