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Silvertree invests in organic e-commerce retailer Faithful to Nature

8 July 2015

Cape Town, South Africa – Faithful to Nature ( has teamed up with venture builder Silvertree Capital ( to further accelerate growth and reach customers through additional channels. Faithful to Nature brings natural, organic and high quality products to South African consumers, through convenient online shopping at great prices with to-your-door delivery.

In a deal valued at over R10m, Silvertree Capital is supporting the Faithful to Nature team as they grow and diversify the company over the upcoming years. The investment was facilitated by U-Start, a global boutique investment advisory firm based out of South Africa and Switzerland. The deal includes financial investment to grow marketing spend and expand operations beyond consumer-focused online sales. In addition, Silvertree and other companies within the Silvertree portfolio will support Faithful to Nature on topics including online marketing, IT systems, logistics and support functions.

Founded in 2007, Faithful to Nature offers great customer service, same-day dispatch on most orders, and detailed product information ensuring peace of mind for customers. The result has been exceptional customer loyalty, revenue growth of over 70% year-on-year for the last three years, and a significant net profit in the last financial year.

Paul Cook, co-founder of Silvertree Capital, said, “Robyn and the Faithful to Nature team have an unparalleled passion for natural and organic options, and this shines through in the product range and customer experience that Faithful to Nature offers southern African shoppers. They have built a great company so far, and we are excited to be working together, with our deep experience in online commerce, to help the company become even more successful.”

Robyn Smith, founder and CEO of Faithful to Nature: “We are driven to become market leaders in the green retail space and we’re excited to have as dynamic a partner as Silvertree to support us with our ambitions.

About Faithful to Nature

Faithful to Nature ( is South Africa’s leading organic online retailer carrying the largest inventory of authentic natural products – close on 9000 ways to live a healthier and greener life. Faithful to Nature offers food, household products, kitchen appliances, cosmetics, baby and mom products, and lots more. Faithful to Nature is anchored by a strict ingredient policy designed to ensure that all ingredients meet the standard of natural, non-toxic and organic sourcing, and has built a base of deeply loyal customers through fanatical customer support. Secure payment and quick to-your-door courier delivery make Faithful to Nature the quickest and easiest way to access a huge range of healthier options, at great prices.

About Silvertree

Silvertree Capital ( is a venture builder that incubates and invests into tech-related businesses targeting African consumers. Based in Cape Town, the Silvertree portfolio includes businesses in e-commerce retail, financial services and sales, online marketing, travel, and web and mobile development. The Silvertree approach includes deep operational involvement in portfolio companies, to help ensure rapid growth and continuous improvement.

About U-Start

U-Start is a global boutique investment advisory firm focused on direct and indirect venture capital investments for prominent family offices, high net-worth individuals, venture capital funds and corporate wealth management institutions.