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Click n Compare: the Place to Buy Broadband & Lots More

3 February 2015

Click n Compare, a South African-based comparison Website has been a player in the online industry for just over a year now. Having previously worked to build (South Africa’s leading online fashion store) from the ground to where it is today, in just a couple of years, the founders decided to create a company, based on the lead-generation model, within the South African tech market.

“Everybody in South Africa is looking to save money, where they can, but they don’t always know how. That’s why we decided to put together a comparison Site including affordable packages in products everyone needs, like broadband.” – Ryan Marx

It’s true; access to broadband has become an essential. I mean, who isn’t looking for faster, better and cheaper internet? What work place, doesn’t depend on their connection speed for efficient production? Hardly anyone. Which is why, Click n Compare sets out to offer the most affordable broadband packages, suited to all kinds of different needs. Whether you are simply looking for mobile data or are seriously involved in downloading and streaming videos, Click n Compare’s got the best package for you! What’s more, you get to compare packages as well. Not sure who the best provider of broadband is? Not sure what sort of connection speed you will require? Click n Compare can answer all these questions and more.

“We would love to reach the point of being a “one-stop shop” where viewers can read tips and advice, as well as the latest news, on all our categories and then make an informed decision to purchase their much-needed insurance/cellphone contract/broadband package. In light of this, we believe we have a lot to offer like-minded brands in the form of mutually-beneficial partnerships.” – Ryan Marx

Some satisfied customers of Click n Compare have reported the following:

“Finally, a Site that compares different providers. Really useful.” – Lucy (41)

“Professional and useful Site; I will definitely recommend it.” – Lindiwe (36)

“Really easy service.” – Tamelyn (27)

As CEO of the company, Ryan Marx is completely on-board with the objectives of Click n Compare and looks forward to a profitable future. The company is excited for 2015 as they have many plans to expand and innovate even more. According to Ryan, growth is a given and he is sure that this venture has a recipe for success.

“Click n Compare operates from a business model that has performed exceedingly well in a number of other scenarios. We are confident it will do the same here.” – Ryan Marx

Yes, that would be cool. Guess the sky is the limit when it comes to the things you can compare and only time will tell what comparisons work and what don’t. Irrespective, Click n Compare is one to look out for, so watch this space!


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