CEO of Young Startup

We’re continuously looking for top-tier people wanting to take the leap to CEO of a tech startup (though you don’t need tech experience):

  • two paths: start a new company, or take over one with ~40 people — role to be mutually determined
  • super entrepreneurial but with support, funding, etc
  • large equity component
  • ideally Cape Town-based but Johannesburg an option
  • you need TOP-TIER experience, e.g., management consultancy or similar AND experience managing teams.

This is the closest you can get to Silicon Valley in this part of the world!

Required skills:

  • experience and ability to recruit and manage people of a variety of profiles
  • data-driven, with strong experience in using numbers to drive strategy
  • hungry to make an impact and achieve something incredible, and to get hands-on to solve problems

Sample profiles:

  • 4+ years at McKinsey/BCG/Bain etc
  • young fast-rising exec in strong brand-focused company, e.g., FMCG, services, retail, etc
  • CEO of 10+ person fast-growing company
  • past entrepreneur of successful and relevant company

If you have a GREAT CV, send to [email protected], along with brief summary of why you think you’re ideal for this sort of role.