Looking for Silvertree investment?

What we do

Silvertree Internet Holdings builds real businesses — and that means more than merely providing office space and some token equity. In addition to substantial equity investment, and depending on the needs of your business, we can help with some or all of:

  • Access to large-scale investors for rapid growth
  • Professional management or management support
  • Business plan and model development, consulting and/or feedback
  • Marketing, logistics, IT, talent management and other support functions.

We are interested in strong concepts with the foundations of a good team, meeting our investment criteria, and with the potential to rapidly reach scale.


What we don’t do

  • Investments into concept-level businesses. You should be post-revenue with good economics, or at least have a complete product and initial customers.
  • Angel/small scale investments. We invest to change the future of companies.
  • Support (eg. marketing, advice, software development) that does not also include an equity investment. We are an investor, not a consultancy.
  • Secret ideas, non-disclosure agreements, or holding meetings before we receive company details by email. If secrecy is the only thing protecting your company, then the moment you release your product, you have no competitive advantage. We invest for execution ability, not secret ideas.

We receive hundreds of pitches a year, and do not have time to meet everyone that contacts us — sorry! You may have a great concept, but our capacity constraints require the above restrictions.


What you should do

If your company meets the above criteria, then contact us, and let’s talk further. We do not have fixed investment cycles.

Your submission should include:

  • A clear “elevator pitch” of the concept that makes us excited about the business (NOT just the concept) in a few sentences
  • Team details: who you are, and why you your team has the right people/setup to execute — what’s your “unfair advantage”?
  • Historical financial and customer figures, and projections for next 2-3 years (in excel format)
  • Initial proposal for amount of funding and support required, and what it would be used for
  • Details on your product, the competitive market in your target geography, examples of similar offerings in other geographies (if any), etc.

This shouldn’t need more than e.g., a short email, 15 slides and supporting spreadsheets.


Capable of leading a disruptive startup?

We are also continuously looking for people to lead existing companies or execute concepts that we incubate in-house. If you are young and hungry, talented, have multiple years of corporate/business experience (especially management consulting at top-tier consultancy, or similar), and want to build tech-enabled startups, please contact us.