Looking for Silvertree investment?

What we do

Silvertree Internet Holdings builds real businesses — and that means more than merely providing office space and some token equity. In addition to substantial equity investment, and depending on the needs of your business, we can help with some or all of:

  • Access to large-scale investors for rapid growth
  • Professional management or management support
  • Business plan and model development, consulting and/or feedback
  • Marketing, logistics, IT, talent management and other support functions.

We are interested in strong concepts with the foundations of a good team, meeting our investment criteria, and with the potential to rapidly reach scale.


What we don’t do

  • We DON’T invest into concept-level businesses. You should be post-revenue with good unit economics.
  • We DON’T do angel/small scale investments. We invest to change the future of companies.
  • We DON’T offer support (eg. marketing, advice, software development) that does not also include an equity investment. We are an investor, not a consultancy.
  • We DON’T enjoy secret ideas, non-disclosure agreements, or holding meetings before we receive company details by email. If secrecy is the only thing protecting your company, then the moment you release your product, you have no competitive advantage. We invest for execution ability, not secret ideas.
  • We DON’T invest in companies that don’t have a tech and/or Internet aspect to their business.

We receive hundreds of pitches a year, and do not have time to meet everyone that contacts us — sorry! You may have a great concept, but our capacity constraints require the above restrictions.


What you should do

If your company meets the above criteria, then contact us, and let’s talk further. We do not have fixed investment cycles.

Personal Details:



Phone Nr.


Company Name

Position at Company


We require the following documents in order to review the investment opportunity:

Historic financials in Excel format

No Larger than 10MB please

Projected financials in Excel format

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Presentation pitch in PowerPoint/PDF format

No Larger than 10MB please


Please answer the questions below, to help us better understand your business:

Business Description:

When did you initially launch?

Describe your business in one sentence.

Where are your offices located?


Deal Structure:

Have you previously raised money? If so, how much did you raise and at what pre-money valuation was it at?

How much are you looking to raise, and for what portion of equity?

What is the pre-money valuation of the business at this funding round?

If we invest, will there be an eventual route to majority?




When did/will your business go post-revenue?

What were your revenues for the last twelve months?

What do you project your revenues will be for the next twelve months?



What is your current monthly burn rate?

What is your runway, i.e. how many months until you run out of cash if no further funding is received?

When do you expect to break even?



Please give us background on each of the founders i.e. previous work experience/ventures, educational background.

How much has each of the founders invested in the business?

What is the current salary of each of the founders?

Is founders included in your presentation pitch?


Upload file in Excel format or type in text box

What is the current ownership structure? Please provide us with a capitalisation table with each equity owner and their percentage ownership of the business.

Is ownership structure included in your presentation pitch?


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Competitive environment:

Who do you view as your biggest competitors?

What is your competitive advantage?



Want to join, but no team/idea?

We’re continuously looking for top talent for new (incubated) and existing ventures. All the benefits of building your own startup, plus an investor already secured. See more details…