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Silvertree Internet Holdings uses tech to reach African consumers. We are a holding and operating company, based in South Africa, that conceives, launches, operates and invests in early- and mid-stage companies targeting the South African and Sub-Saharan African markets.

We like business models that are simple or proven, with clear revenue streams, that take advantage of the mobile and Internet future, and that target growing markets and industries. Our operating brands and companies are organised into verticals by business model (click for more). We seek large, growing but inefficient verticals, and use tech to leapfrog old ways of reaching consumers.

We focus on capital efficiency and operational discipline. Our brands are growing rapidly, but we also continue to build new businesses, and to invest into and acquire existing companies. Through operational synergies and sharing best practices, we are stronger than a simple sum of parts.


Our beliefs


1. Africa will be the world’s growth frontier, and tech will be key
  • Large and under-served market (1.1bn people in Africa, and more than half the world’s young people by 2050)
  • 331m Internet users in Africa
  • Internet penetration only 29% compared to 50% in the rest of the world (big upside potential)
  • Rapidly-growing consumer class (>60m new households with disposable income in 20 years to 2020)
  • Massive potential from “catch-up” with the developed world (8x to 16x upside in ecommerce just from increasing online retail share from current 1% to 10%+ as in developed markets)


2. Capturing this potential requires the right operating model


Silvertree's approach




Silvertree Capital is our early-stage and speculative investment vehicle, for small stakes or for companies that are not yet fully integrated into the main Silvertree Internet Holdings portfolio.

Current investments include:

  • Pinpoll, the best way to engage and understand a website audience

Past investments include:

  • WineCo, a fully-managed ecommerce provider for wine estates, offering an online store, checkout, warehousing, logistics and marketing support. WineCo is now fully merged into Cybercellar
  • HealthCart, an consumer healthcare e-commerce offering in South Africa
  • WeAreMonsters, a web and mobile development and rapid prototyping agency
  • Vosto, a web and mobile restaurant ordering application